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Meet Robert

I’m a Registered Provisional Psychologist and Veteran Canadian Military Intelligence Officer (Lieutenant, Navy) in Alberta, merging expertise in psychology, military intelligence, business, and technology over several years.

Moved by the mental health struggles of loved ones and fellow military members, I shifted from business to psychology. As a Registered Provisional Psychologist, I aim to provide steadfast support through life’s challenges. I guide clients in overcoming trauma, anxiety, depression, panic, burnout, and intense emotions like grief, sadness, anger, and stress enhancing their relationships and fostering positive life transformations.

As a Registered Provisional Psychologist and lifelong learner, I hold a master’s and bachelor’s degree, an advanced diploma, and three certificates. I’ve received multiple honours and awards, co-authored various scientific publications, and contributed to the advancement of modern psychological research.

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Therapy That Works

As your Registered Provisional Psychologist, I’m dedicated to helping you navigate life’s challenges, including post-traumatic stress, generalized and social anxiety, panic, depression, insomnia, relationship issues, burnout, and emotional difficulties like anger, grief, sadness, or general stress. I’m here to support you in finding your path forward.

I am dedicated to empowering your journey toward motivation, joy, positive connections, and a sense of control and calm. Together, we’ll focus on alleviating the physical symptoms, thoughts, and emotions that hinder your well-being.

My team-oriented approach focuses on effective communication, skillful guidance, and experiences tailored to your strengths. As your Registered Provisional Psychologist, we’ll navigate obstacles and deepen your understanding of your relationships, thoughts, and emotions to help you get back to your best. Begin personalized, evidence-based therapy today.

Post-traumatic Stress

If you are stuck after trauma:

I use evidence-based skills to help you process and cope with the experience so you can get unstuck and feel better.


If you are lost in despair:

I offer support to help you manage difficult feelings, restore motivation and energy, and build social connections to regain joy.


If you cannot get out of your head:

I will help you manage and calm your racing thoughts to navigate uncertainty with ease.


If you are overtaken by fear:

I create a safe space to help you understand and reduce panic, empowering you to regain control and break free from it.

Relationship Issues

If you and your partner cannot connect:

I help couples strengthen their relationships by improving intimacy and communication, allowing them to understand each other better and resolve issues.


If you are completely spent:

I’m here to help you reduce stress, identify energy drains, and enhance your performance for a more fulfilling, balanced life.