About Robert Valela

About Robert Valela

Hi, I’m Robert Valela

I’m a Registered Provisional Psychologist and Veteran Canadian Military Intelligence Officer (Lieutenant, Navy) based in Edmonton, Alberta. I have a broad interest in topics including psychology, philosophy, strategic theory, mindfulness, relationships, technology, business, career development, and productivity. I am committed to supporting individuals facing challenges such as trauma, anxiety, depression, panic, ADHD, intense emotions like grief, sadness, anger, stress and relationship issues.

After witnessing trauma’s impact on a family member and a military peer, I shifted from business to psychology to better support others during tough times.Robert Valela

Robert Valela, Provisional Psychologist Smiling into the Camera.

My career has involved partnerships with prestigious entities like Crisis Services Canada, Toronto Metropolitan University, University of Toronto, York University, University of Alberta, Canadian Forces Intelligence Command, Defence Research and Development Canada, Canadian Institute for Military and Veteran Health Research, IMPACT Lab at Toronto Metropolitan University, and Royal Bank of Canada. These experiences have enriched my expertise across psychology, military intelligence, human resources, and organizational behaviour, enhancing my leadership and strategic skills in diverse professional settings.

I hold a master’s degree in counselling psychology from the University of Alberta and a bachelor’s degree in business management from Toronto Metropolitan University, where I also earned certificates in psychology, and mental health and addictions. Additionally, I have an advanced diploma in business administration from George Brown College. My military career includes several years as an Intelligence Officer in the Canadian military, with a certificate in military intelligence from the Canadian Forces School of Military Intelligence. Alongside my military service, I have worked extensively as a private counsellor and consultant. This diverse educational and professional background provides me with a unique and comprehensive perspective in my work.

I am grateful to have received several honours and awards, including the Lloyd and Daphne Chin-Loy Award in Mental Health and Addictions, the RBC Future Launch Scholarship, the CIBPA Education Foundation Award, and the Ontario First Generation Award.

Furthermore, I am privileged to have played a role in advancing contemporary psychological research. I have served as a co-author for several scientific articles published in reputable journals, including the American Psychological Association’s Psychological Services, European Journal of Psychotraumatology, Journal of Traumatic Stress, Journal of Family Psychology, and Elsevier’s Internet Interventions.

Robert Valela’s Mission and Values


To empower individuals to overcome challenges and pursue their goals by imparting skills that enhance resilience, well-being, performance, and productivity.