Personalized Therapy

How Personalized Therapy Works

Therapy That Works. Session 1 to 3 | Chart Your Path Picture of a map with a trail.

Session 1 to 3 | Chart Your Path

In our initial sessions, we’ll team up to explore the diverse terrain of your life, covering your past, present, and future. From challenging thoughts and feelings to pivotal life events, work performance, and lifestyle habits like sleep and diet, this exploration aims to understand your concerns, strengths, and goals. These sessions lay the foundation for our journey and may provide a diagnosis, allowing me to tailor my approach to align with your unique life path. Together, we’ll chart a course toward a more fulfilling and resilient future.

Counselling Services Exploration. A trail leading into the mountains.

Sessions 4 to 7 | Navigate the Terrain of Your Mind

In the upcoming sessions, we’ll explore psychoeducation through reading, discussions, and skills-building, both in and outside of therapy. This will empower you to recognize and comprehend the connection between your thoughts, feelings, physical sensations, and actions, linked to your concerns. As your awareness expands, we’ll address misconceptions, and develop relaxation skills to break negative cycles. This process aims to help you regain control, reducing the impact of concerns like intrusive thoughts and muscle tension.

Counselling Services Identifying Challenges. A mountain peak with a flag on it.

Sessions 8 to 12 | Conquer Concerns and Realize Goals

During these sessions, we’ll navigate challenges together using evidence-based methods. We’ll gently confront tough experiences in a controlled way, fostering resilience as you face fears. As we progress, you’ll rediscover joy through activities countering sadness and numbness, establishing routines for structure, and shedding habits that block progress and maintain anxiety or panic. Additionally, you’ll acquire problem-solving strategies for life’s stressors and practical coping skills. Throughout, we’ll explore and implement various ways to enhance relationships and communication skills while fostering social support.

Counselling Services Overcoming Challenges. A mountain peak with a flag on it.

Sessions 13 to 16 and beyond | Your Path to Independence

In our last sessions, we’ll prepare you for the future in two ways. Firstly, we’ll create a personalized plan to navigate challenges, building resilience with long-term coping strategies. Secondly, as you approach your goals, we’ll assess your progress and adjust our plan. Our goal is a smooth transition to greater independence and well-being, maintaining therapy progress and shifting to fewer sessions while preserving positive momentum.

Navigating Therapy Options and Discovering Your Fit: Picture of a speech bubble.

Navigating Options and Discovering Your Fit

I offer a free, complimentary, 15-minute initial consultation to allow you to determine whether individual or couples therapy matches your needs and whether we would be a good fit for therapy.

The personalized therapy services I provide are for those residing in Alberta, either in-person in Edmonton or online, and cost $220 (CAD) per hour.

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